I baha’i in TV

evalarue.jpgBeh… in verità questa volta si tratta di una baha’i che lavora in TV… per la precisione è un’attrice protagonista della serie “CSI: Miami”.

Lei si chiama Eva La Rue ed in un’intervista su PR.com parla apertamente del suo credo religioso… L’intervista integrale è disponibile su http://www.pr.com/article/1082 e di seguito vi riporto i paragrafi che ci interessano direttamente.

PR.com: And you’re a part of the Bahai faith. Is that your religion?

Eva La Rue: Yeah. We believe that everybody’s prophets came to teach basically the same word of God. We believe that there is one God, one people, one world and that everybody’s prophet is right and it’s the people that have sort of dogmatized [it] and religion has taken on a totally different meaning. They’re all at war with each other, but it’s the same truthful message. We basically believe that the reason there were different prophets in different parts of the world is because there were no telephones or newspapers. The only way to get your word out would be through human contact, so God put different prophets in different parts of the world so that everybody could have the word of God and that it’s the same spiritual truth.

PR.com: Were you born into the Bahai religion, or was it something that you discovered on your own?

csimiami.jpgEva La Rue: It was something that, when I was a teenager, my mom discovered. You’re obviously born into a Bahai family if your parents are both Bahai, but you can’t become a Bahai until you’re fifteen. They don’t want you to be one just because you’re born one. They want you to make a personal, confident decision. You’re actually encouraged as a teenager to go and study all the religions and make a choice for yourself, and not just be a blind follower… of anything.

PR.com: With many of the people I’ve interviewed, I have spoken about various religions with them, whether because religion was a part of their public persona or just because it happened to come up in the conversation, and that makes more sense then just about anything I’ve ever heard as far as religion goes (laughs). That’s called using your brain.

Eva La Rue: (Laughs) It’s an educated choice. Somebody else choosing your religion for you just because you were born into it doesn’t make sense.

Fonte: http://www.pr.com/article/1082


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